Megan, who runs the blog A Barefoot Gal, hosts a photography competition called BIBPC every few months. I’ll be posting my entries for the contest on this page. You can view the photos below. 🙂


I am on Team Raccoon in BIBPC #4. Let’s do this, guys! 😀

Entry 1: The View From Above


The story behind this photo is pretty simple. 😛 When we went on vacation last summer, we drove to Lake Superior and climbed up this big mountain overlooking the lake. The view was gorgeous! I chose this photo for my entry because I thought the big cloud in the top of the picture looked really cool.

Entry 2: Blue


This photo was taken on the Fourth of July in 2015. We sat in my friend’s backyard, watched fireworks, and ate an entire watermelon. The weather was so hot, but we had lots of fun nonetheless! Ah, good times. 😉

Entry 3: Sweet


A few months ago, one of my younger sisters randomly decided to buy herself an enormous lollipop. It was super huge and very colorful! I took this picture before she started to eat it. 😛

Entry 4: New


I bought this tiny Polaroid camera for my dolls a few days ago, so it’s probably the newest thing I own. 😛 Isn’t it adorable? I love that it makes an actual camera sound!

Entry 5: Night


I discovered light painting a little while ago, and I had lots of fun creating art with light. My brother drew this heart with a flashlight. Cool, huh? 😀

Entry 6: Adventure


A recent adventure we had was getting two pet bunnies! Button and Banjo are such sweet boys. In this picture, Button was trying to clean Banjo’s ear, but Banjo kept fidgeting. They ended up like this. Button looks exasperated. XD

Entry 7: Animal Close-Up


Here’s my LAST entry for BIBPC the Fourth! *sniff*

The category was animal close-ups, do I decided to use this photo of a huge spider that I took last summer! It’s a bit creepy, but super cool too. 😀

Megan, here’s the poster I made for BIBPC the Fifth. For some reason WordPress made it kinda blurry, but if you right click it and select “open image in new tab” you can view it in full quality. 🙂


Entries for BIBPC the Fifth will be added when it begins!

39 thoughts on “BIBPC

  1. Hey Clara! Could I get your opinion on something real quick?
    Go to my BIBPC #4 page, and you should see my posters. (I put them in a mosaic, so click on them to expand.
    I created another one with another font, but I can’t decide which one I like best. I like #1, but Megan has already used that font in her previous poster and I don’t think she’d like to use the same font again. But I’m also not sure about the second one, either. What do you think?

    Thanks! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, I’m here again. XD (You’re probably sick of me. 😛 )
    Today is my 1-year WordPress blogiversary! 😀 WordPress has a little notification thing on my Notification Bell, but I thought that they sent something else, like a recap or something. Do you know if they send recap thingys or is that for something else?
    Thanks, Clara-dear! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha, I don’t mind! XD
    WOW!!! Congrats! ❤ That is super awesome! 🙂
    Hmm… I know that in years past, WordPress would send recaps at the end of the year or at blogiversaries, but I believe they stopped doing it when they updated. :/
    No problem! Congrats again, that’s a huge accomplishment! ❤

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