Streams and Sunsets: A Photoshoot

Greetings, readers!

After photographing the lovely spring in this post, I wanted to take some more pictures of the streams. How do you make a stream better? Put a doll in it, of course! 😛 So, I dressed Ivy up in a pink sparkly unicorn dress, and we headed out for a photoshoot.



Doesn’t she look so sweet?

Here’s some extra pictures of the lovely woods at sunset:


Ivy is such an adorable doll! Despite the fact that I put Ivy in the water, I would not recommend doing this unless you are holding onto your doll at all times. 🙂

I drew a mermaid today:


Thoughts? Tips? 🙂 I used a slightly modified tutorial from to draw her. 😀

Have a wonderful week, everyone! ❤


45 thoughts on “Streams and Sunsets: A Photoshoot

  1. *sings horribly* Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows!

    ^^Excuse that, I start singing that when I see/hear the word Unicorn^^

    Anyways, I loved those photos (and the mermaid) 🙂


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  2. Ahhh…. nothing like a good wade in a rippling stream, huh, Ivy? 🙂 I loooove water! (As I said before. 😀 ) Your mermaid picture is so cute, Clara! I like the starfish in her hair. (Are they starfish??)

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  3. Hehe! Ivy agrees! 😛
    I love water too, I want to go swimming so badly! 😮
    Thank you! Yep, they’re starfish. XD

    -Clara ❤


  4. Love it!! The mermaid is beautiful! 🙂 Ivy looks so pretty! At first I was like man.. you must trust mother nature not to make ur doll fall and then you said you were holding her! *lets out breath* Lol! Great photography! What camera do you use?

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  5. I love your mermaid drawing! And Ivy is so cute. For some reason I always associate you with Ivy, because she was your avatar for such a long time! XD
    Yes, I agree! If I ever did a doll/water photoshoot, I would do it with one of my older dolls. I’m too nervous and protective to do it with Lea. LOL. 🙂

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  6. Beautiful pictures, Clara!! Ivy is always so cute in your photo-shoots :). I’ve taking a tone of doll pictures in the snow and water, and it’s never even worried me xD. Tells you how good of a doll mom I am ;). Oh, and I Looove your drawling!! It’s so cute!!

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