Tomorrow is Christmas.


Hello! I may be mildly excited right now. *dies* XD

I made a Christmas photostory today! Enjoy!  

Ivy’s POV


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle aaaall the waaaay…..,” I sang loudly along with the music as Surjan, Ginny, and I danced. The Christmas tree shook a little as we jumped around.

 Mini Rebecca was on Chloe’s back, steering the dog between our legs, tripping us, and shouting rude things while we tried to ignore her.

My sisters were doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, while I had opted to stay home with my little sisters and have a dance party. Much better than shopping, in my opinion.

As the song ended, we flopped down, breathless and laughing. Surjan giggled. “That was fun!”


I stood up to get more music, then paused. A soft, lilting sound was coming from the door. Ginny turned her head. “Is that Christmas carolers?”

We ran to the door together.  I pulled it open, then stopped, surprised.

There on the doorstep, was a small girl no more than 8 years old. She was playing a violin, a look of deep concentration on her face. The soft notes of The First Noel floated from the instrument.

When she was finished, Surjan began softly clapping. We all joined in, and the girl gave a little bow. “Thank you.” She smiled shyly.

As she turned to go, I called after her.”Merry Christmas!”


Isn’t Mulan the most adorable thing? 🙂 I made her jumper and I really like it! I just now noticed that her strap fell down in the last pic, sorry about that! 😛

I’m excited to begin Best Of 2015! It starts the day after Christmas! 😀

I have made a lot of things on PicMonkey lately and wanted to show them to y’all:


I love this!! These are lyrics from my most favorite Christmas song EVER! You can listen to it HERE. 🙂


I design a lot of bible verses, and this one I really like. 🙂


❤ Merry Christmas! ❤

I also made some writing prompts:



I really want to write a story with these!!! O_o

Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!


I’m wearing my Christmas pajamas right now! 😉


35 thoughts on “Christmas!

  1. That was so cute! I loved Ivy’s outfit!! 😀
    I’m SO excited for Christmas!!! And even today is going to be fun! I’m gonna do a ton of baking and then my sister and brother in-law are coming over for dinner and then we’re going to my brother’s church because he’s playing on the worship team! And then of course, we will come home and exchange presents!!! YAY!! 😀
    I LOVE your edits, Clara!! You’re really good at making them! They look so professional 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the photo-story! Agh, I know, right? Christmas is right around the corner…
    Wonderful verse images! Those are awesome verses. I’ll probably use at least one of the prompts. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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