Happy Birthday tooooo meeee!

Hi! Today is my birthday, as you probably guessed by the title. 😉

Chehaw+More 439 (800x600)

My family made this AMAZING Christmas tree out of books for my birthday! Isn’t it sooo pretty? 😀

You’ll be seeing several posts today with different things I’m doing. 🙂

Come back soon for more! 😀

Chehaw+More 340 (800x600)

Do you like my signature? I promptly ate it after taking the picture. XD

31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday tooooo meeee!

  1. (LOL, sorry for double-commenting. xD) Forgot to say in my previous comment, I love the book tree!! Just might do that in my own room. 😛 Your signature is very creative! Is that dough?

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  2. Thank you, Flo! 🙂 The books were some I’d read already, they were some “classic” children’s books we had. ❤


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