Would You Rather Buy…. Round 2!

Hello! Today I have another round of Would You Rather Buy….

For this game, just pretend somehow magically you all have an endless supply of money. XD So, here we go!


***This game is now closed***Ā 


22 thoughts on “Would You Rather Buy…. Round 2!

  1. 1. I can’t see either pictures, and I don’t know what the OG camper is, so I can’t say.
    2. OG Persian Show Horse- I would like a horse, and I don’t like the Warm Winter Outfit.
    3. Joyful Jewels Outfit and Accessories- I don’t really like either, but this dress is AG, and maybe it wouldn’t seem so tight-fitting on Amelia.
    4. It depends. I would like Kaya more than the custom, because I wouldn’t really like a custom, but I would probably rather the custom than Kaya if Kaya is BeForever. And I would not like to have a BeForever book.


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  2. 1. Graces baking set. I love it! It’s so cute
    2. The winter warm outfit. I already have a doll horse and don’t really need a second one.
    3. Joyful jewels outfit. It is so pretty!
    4. A custom doll. I have never really liked Kaya. No offense…

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  3. Ooh, a game! btw, I could totally get used to having an endless supply of money xD
    1. OG Camper
    2 AG Warm Winter Outfit
    3 OG Scooter, Doll Stand, and Good Night Outfit
    4 Skylar!

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  4. Thanks! Lets see… The baking set is way too expensive, but the camper looks useless for me, so I really don’t know. If I had an unlimited amount of money, though, probably AG’s Baking Set. šŸ™‚


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