Little Cutie. :)

Hi! I have a photoshoot today of my newest doll, Ginny. She is a Disney Animators Belle doll. I found her a Goodwill for $2.50! I named her after Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter. 😉 She is wearing Jess’s meet shirt, shorts I made, and the shoes she came with.

 Ginnyshoot 006 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 007 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 008 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 009 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 010 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 011 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 012 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 013 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 014 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 015 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 016 (800x600)  Ginnyshoot 018 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 019 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 020 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 021 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 022 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 023 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 024 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 025 (800x600) Ginnyshoot 026 (800x600)

She is adorable! I am so glad to have found her.

I also have a sneak peek for my next post!

Ginnyshoot 005 (800x600)

I customized Mini Rebecca! You’ll see more about her in my next post! 😉

Have an awesome night!


17 thoughts on “Little Cutie. :)

  1. What a great find, she appears to be in very good shape! I also wanted to tell you that I like your new banner, it really reflects on what interests you. 🙂

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