Photostory: Ivy’s new pet

Hi! I’ve got a photostory for y’all! Enjoy!

Ivy’s New Pet


It was a warm summer day. Ivy rode her scooter down the road, excited.

Fishy! 003 (800x600)Fishy! 004 (800x600)

The wind blew in her face. She had finally saved enough money for her own pet! She was on her way to the pet store now.

Fishy! 006 (800x600)

Ivy finally arrived at the Dollyville Pet Store.

Fishy! 007 (800x600)

“Hello! Welcome to the Dollyville Pet Store!”,the lady at the desk said.

Fishy! 008 (800x600)

Ivy walked into the pet store, wondering excitedly what pet she would choose.

Fishy! 009 (800x600)

There were fish and beetles.

Fishy! 010 (800x600)

There was a talking parrot, and hamsters.

Fishy! 011 (800x600)

There was a baby tortoise.

Fishy! 012 (800x600)

There was even a little gray kitten.

Fishy! 013 (800x600)

And puppies! Ivy had to restrain herself, because a dog was one pet she couldn’t have. ML already had a puppy, and they only had room for one dog in the house.

Fishy! 014 (800x600)

The back of the store had all kinds of supplies for pets, too! There were dog toys, collars, fish tanks, and much more!

Fishy! 018 (800x600)

Ivy looked at the hamsters. “Hello, little guys!”

Fishy! 022 (800x600)

Then she went to the fish. They were all so cute!

Fishy! 020 (800x600)

There was one little goldfish she especially liked. He had a cute little face that made him look like he was smiling! I would love to have a fish, she thought.

Fishy! 024 (800x600)Fishy! 025 (800x600)

“This one, please.” The lady from the desk came to get her fish out for her. She put him in a little bag with some water in it.

Fishy! 026 (800x600)

Ivy bought an aquarium, tank decorations, and some fish food. Then, she went to the front to pay. “Thank you for shopping with us!” the lady said.

Fishy! 027 (800x600)

As she rode home, Ivy thought about what she would name her fish. She was having trouble deciding!

(At home)

Fishy! 028 (800x600)

“Now…. where to put you, little guy?”

Fishy! 029 (800x600)

“Oh! How about here? It’s perfect!”

Fishy! 030 (800x600)

Ivy went and got the tank, decorations, and food.

Fishy! 032 (800x600)

She set it all up. “In you go, little guy! Geez, I’ve got to figure out a name for you!”

Fishy! 034 (800x600)


What do you think Ivy should name her fish?


30 thoughts on “Photostory: Ivy’s new pet

  1. Super creative! How about the name Dorothy for the fish… That’s the name of Elmo’s fish. Glad she passed on the beetles, but the parrot was cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cute post! A few days ago I was outside with my dog and the little neighbor boy came over and told me he was getting a goldfish. He was so excited and cute (he’s 6). I like the name Ginger for the goldfish. I also liked Jen’s suggestion of Dorothy, I forgot all about Elmo’s fish.

    Liked by 1 person

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