Ava’s trip to the Agrirama

Hi! Ava here! Today, Clara took me to the Georgia Agrirama with her! I had a really fun time! 

Ava Agirama 002 (800x600)

Here I am on an almost doll-sized bench!

Ava Agirama 003 (800x600)

There was a farmer’s market there! A nice lady gave me this sticker.

Ava Agirama 004 (800x600)

I also got a new hair bow! Isn’t it cute?

 Ava Agirama 006 (800x600)

After I went to the farmer’s market, I swung on this HUGE tire swing!

 Ava Agirama 008 (800x600)

I also balanced on this bar while Clara did the monkey bars. 😉

 Ava Agirama 011 (800x600)

I also rode on the see-saw!

Ava Agirama 012 (800x600)

Then we got on the train!! Here I am in the train car right before the train started moving. 

Ava Agirama 014 (800x600)

This is the back of the steam engine! Here are some more pics of me on the train:

Ava Agirama 015 (800x600)

Ava Agirama 022 (800x600)

Ava Agirama 027 (800x600)

Ava Agirama 030 (800x600)

Ava Agirama 032 (800x600)

After we got off the train, we returned to the car. On the way home, I had a staring contest with the doll on the front of the American  Girl catalog!

Ava Agirama 039 (800x600)

She won.

I had a really fun time! Have you ever ridden on a train?


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