My thoughts on the new AG release -Part 1, Beforever!

Hi! Today I will be sharing my thoughts on the new AG Beforever release.


Julie’s Zigzag Pajamas

Ick. Too much pink, AG! I liked Julie’s old pajamas somewhat better, at least they weren’t so bright!


Julie’s Bed and Bedding 

I actually somewhat like this! At least the whole bed is not pink. The flower pillow looks too small, though.


Julie’s Daisy Vanity Set

UPDATE: Xyra from Tea Time With Melody Q informed me this set is actually very historically accurate. I don’t think I would get it, though. Thanks, Xyra! 🙂


Kit’s One-Piece Pajamas

These are odd. They look like something from the Bitty Baby collection. The dog print seems cheesy, I think they could at least have made these 2-piece.


Kit’s Bed and Bedding

I like this bed, but not near as much as Kit’s old one. It seemed more historically accurate. The tiny little pillow is weird and seems way too small. I do like the quilt, though!


Kit’s Radio Set

The radio is adorable! It looks like the one in The Waltons. 🙂 I like the Robin Hood book, too! The flag is nice, but doesn’t seem like it has much play value.


Josefina’s Nightgown

This is a nice nightgown! The slippers are cute, though I’m not sure if Josefina would have worn slippers?


Josefina’s Bed and Bedding

This bed seems more modern than the last one. The bedding is nice and looks good on the bed, though.


Josefina’s Nighttime Accessories

I love this! The little feather pen would be good for Felicity, too. The doll and leather book are so cute!


Rebecca’s Satin Pajamas

These, again are TOO MUCH PINK! Does AG know that girls like colors other than pink?


Rebecca’s Bed and Bedding

I can describe this bed in one word: PINK! It looks like a bed that a princess would have. The pillow is too small, in my opinion.


Rebecca’s Bedroom Accessories

Now this, I like! It’s about time Rebecca has some of her dolls that she treasured in her books! The bag and doily are cute, too. I’m not sure what the rest of the pieces are, but they actually look like something from her time period.


Addy’s Nightgown

I like the nightgown, but the sock/slipper things look like baby socks.


Addy’s Bed and Bedding

This bed looks like it would break easily, but it is pretty. The pillow is a nice size, too!


Addy’s Bedroom Accessories

This is a cute set! Ida Bean looks very much like she is described in the books. The lantern looks real! Her “bedtime book” is cute. I like any doll-sized book!


Kaya’s Pow-Wow Dress of Today

This is a nice dress, though I’m not huge fan of any of Kaya’s outfits. The fringe on the sleeves seems a little extreme.

So, those are my thoughts on AG’s new Beforever releases! Please note that these opinions are my own, and in no way affiliated with American Girl. All of the pictures are from AG’s website. Stay tuned for Truly Me!


17 thoughts on “My thoughts on the new AG release -Part 1, Beforever!

  1. I was going to do a post like this today, but with so many new items, I decided to hold off until I was in the mood to sit down and type for that long. 🙂 great job though! It must have took you a long time and I see you put alot of effort into it! Nice job!

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  2. It seems like they just took a bunch of old sets and changed the colors a little. Yeah, Kit’s pj’s look babyish. I like her old nightie a lot better! The Addy slipper sock things look like Cecile’s.


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  3. Agreed in the pink sense! It’s like all girls are pink loving, doll playing, bums with a lot of money to blow. Sorry, I just kinda hate beforever :/ (ALL JUST MY PERSONAL OPPINION!)

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  4. As a child of the 70s I have to agree with you on Julie’s pajamas. We never had anything like that and the pom poms were on the back of our ankle socks not the hem of our jammies.

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  5. I have Addy’s bed and it’s actually quite sturdy. Sometimes I have to tighten the screws, but that is very easy to do. I have the red quilt version, and I think I may like the blue quilt better, though I think that the red one is more historically accurate. 🙂

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