Ava’s Birthday: Part 4, the Finale!

Hello! Are you excited for Camp Doll Diaries? I am! My dolls have been busy getting ready. 😉 I am done with the finale for Ava’s Birthday! Enjoy!

Ava’s Birthday: Part 4, The Finale

Ava's Birthday Part 4 044 (800x600)

I heard Mary Lynn call,”We’re home!” I turned the corner to see Ivy and ML laden with bags. They had obviously been shopping.

 Ava's Birthday Part 4 048 (800x600)

“Hi, girls!”, I said. I felt Surjan squeeze my hand tighter.

Ava's Birthday Part 4 049 (800x600)

“Um…. who is this, Ava?”, asked Ivy, confused. “This is Surjan, our new sister!”, I said.

Ava's Birthday Part 4 056 (800x600)

ML was so surprised she dropped the bag she was holding. “Surjan, how about you introduce yourself?” I said. She nodded and walked up to Ivy.

Ava's Birthday Part 4 067 (800x600)

She shook her hand and said,”Hello, I am Surjan! Pleased to meet you!” Ivy smiled and said,”Welcome, little sis!” Mary Lynn seemed to be in a sort of shock. She finally managed,”Um-Ava? Could-could you please explain?” “Sure.”, I said. “Let’s go into the living room.”

Ava's Birthday Part 4 075 (800x600)

We walked into the living room and all squeezed onto the couch. I told my sisters the whole story.

Ava's Birthday Part 4 076 (800x600)Ava's Birthday Part 4 079 (800x600)

When I was done, Mary Lynn smiled and said,”Well, welcome, Surjan! How old are you?” Surjan replied,”I just turned 9!” “Speaking of turning ages…..” said Ivy,” Who wants cake?”

Ava's Birthday Part 4 081 (800x600)

“What?!?”, I said. ML and Ivy stood up. “Wait here,” said Ivy. She winked at Mary Lynn and they hurried out.

Ava's Birthday Part 4 085 (800x600)Ava's Birthday Part 4 084 (800x600)

A moment later they hurried back. “Follow us!”, said ML. They let me outside, and I saw……

Ava's Birthday Part 4 086 (800x600)


Ava's Birthday Part 4 091 (800x600)

“Wow!” They had set up a whole picnic! There was cake, ice cream, and PRESENTS!!! (Did I mention I love presents?)

Ava's Birthday Part 4 093 (800x600)

We all sat down and ate. When we were fully stuffed with cake and ice cream, Ivy said,”Now… present time!” I got….

Ava's Birthday Part 4 096 (800x600)

An adorable stuffed dog from Mary Lynn,

Ava's Birthday Part 4 099 (800x600)

A new outfit from Ivy,

Ava's Birthday Part 4 097 (800x600)

A pair of hiking boots from Mary Lynn,

Ava's Birthday Part 4 101 (800x600)

And 2 hair highlights that Ivy said could be from Surjan, since she felt bad about not getting me anything.

Ava's Birthday Part 4 102 (800x600)

“Thanks so much, everybody!”, I said. I smiled at Surjan. “And than you for giving me the best gift ever- a new little sister!”

“Group hug!”, said Ivy.

Ava's Birthday Part 4 103 (800x600)

And it was the best birthday ever.


 What do y’all think? ;D I had fun! Have you ever made a photostory? Did you enjoy it?


11 thoughts on “Ava’s Birthday: Part 4, the Finale!

  1. Okay, I loved this!!! 😀 This was my favorite part of the photostory, I think. 😉
    I have never made a photostory but definitely want to someday!

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