Ava’s Birthday: Part 2

Hello! I am done with Part 2! I apologize in advance for poor quality photos. :[ Keep reading to find out what make Ava’s birthday very different from most others:

Ava’s Birthday: Part 2

Ava'sBday 034

Catherine came inside and we played for a while. Then she stood up. “Ava, this has been so much fun! I need to be heading home now. I hope you have a great rest of your birthday!” I saw her to the door and waved goodbye.

Ava'sBday 036

I closed the door with a sigh. The house was empty. “Maybe my sisters are planning a surprise for me.”, I thought hopefully. I walked into the living roomΒ and sat down to read Meet Rebecca, the book that had come with my new Rebecca doll.

Avasbirthday2 001 (800x600)

I opened the book and started to read. A slip of paper fell out!

Avasbirthday2 010 (800x600)

It was the note that Clara had received a few days ago from an orphanage in Nepal. We had been begging her for a new sister for months, and she had finally agreed. After contacting a couple of different orphanages, she received a note from an orphanage in Nepal saying that they had a 9-year-old girl who needed a home! Clara had arranged to have her come by train. Our new little sister was supposed to be here in a few weeks.

Avasbirthday2 025 (800x600)

I sat back on the couch, wondering what she would be like. I didn’t even know her name! As I sat there, I heard a knock on the door.

Avasbirthday2 037 (800x600)

I got up, wondering who on earth it could be.

Avasbirthday2 042 (800x600)

When I opened the door, I jumped. There, in front of me, was a little girl with coffee-colored skin and dark curly hair. She stared shyly at me with big hazel eyes, clutching a threadbare bag tightly. This must be our new sister, the orphan from Nepal! But how was she here so soon?

Avasbirthday2 048 (800x600)Avasbirthday2 052 (800x600)

“Hello, who are you? I’m Ava!”, I said. She said in an almost inaudible voice,”Surjan.” “Welcome to your new home Surjan! Please come in,” I said. She looked like she hadn’t understood a word I’d said. I realized that she probably didn’t know much English.

Avasbirthday2 063 (800x600)

I put my arm around her and led her inside.

Avasbirthday2 070 (800x600)

As we walked through the living room, SurjanΒ saw my Rebecca doll laying on the couch and gave a little gasp. “Do you want to hold her?”, I asked, holding the doll out to her.

Avasbirthday2 071 (800x600)Avasbirthday2 072 (800x600)

She took Rebecca from my hands and hugged her tightly. I took her hand and led her to our packed bedroom, which all the dolls shared.

Avasbirthday2 073 (800x600)

I showed Surjan her bed, in the corner of the room. “This is where you will be sleeping. We didn’t know you would be coming so soon, or I would have fixed it up a little better.”, I apologized. She didn’t seem to care. She walked over to the small bed and set Rebecca down carefully.

Avasbirthday2 079 (800x600)

Then she walked back to me and tugged on my hand, looking up at me. She still hadn’t spoken a word.

Avasbirthday2 082 (800x600)

“What is it?”, I asked.

To be continued……

What do you think is going to happen? Do you think Surjan knows how to speak English? What do you think will happen when she meets her other sisters?

I decided to do this photostory in 3 parts instead of 2, so you will probably be seeing the last part next weekend!


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