Ava’s Birthday – Part 1

Hi! I have been working on a photostory that will be in 2 parts. It is about Ava’s birthday. Enjoy!

Ava’s Birthday – Part 1

Ava'sBday 002

It was 7:45 in the morning. My alarm clock started to ring. I groaned and turned over.

Ava'sBday 003

I was about to turn off my alarm and get some more sleep, when I remembered. I sat straight up in bed.

Ava'sBday 004

It was my birthday! I was 13 today!

Ava'sBday 005

I jumped out of bed and quickly put on my “birthday outfit” that I had laid out the night before.

Ava'sBday 006

I then went to see what the delicious smell coming from the kitchen was.

Ava'sBday 007

In the kitchen, Mary Lynn had just finished making my favorite breakfast: ham, eggs, and gravy.

Ava'sBday 009

She saw me and smiled. “Happy birthday, Ava!” “Thanks!” I replied. “Where’s Ivy?” In response, Ivy came cartwheeling in humming “Happy Birthday”.

Ava'sBday 010

She jumped up and gave me a hug. “Happy birthday!” I gave a muffled reply: “Um, I kind of can’t breathe, but thanks.”

Ava'sBday 012

She let go of me, skipped over to the table, and sat down. “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s eat!”

Ava'sBday 013

I took my seat at the table and we wolfed down the delicious breakfast.

Ava'sBday 014

After breakfast, I skipped out the door and through my backyard. Today had been wonderful so far. I certainly hoped it stayed that way!

Ava'sBday 015

When the neighbor’s horse, Ruby, saw me, she stuck her head over the gate and nickered. I called, “Hello, girl! It’s my birthday!” I was pet sitting Ruby for our neighbors until they came back from a trip.

Ava'sBday 016

I walked up and stroked her soft nose. Then I fed her a sugar cube. I walked through the gate.

Ava'sBday 017Ava'sBday 018

After I groomed her, I looked up and saw my cousin and BFF, Catherine, coming up the path to the house! Her adorable little sister, Merida, skipped along behind her.

Ava'sBday 019

I said a quick goodbye to Ruby and dashed to meet them.

Ava'sBday 021

“I heard it was somebody’s birthday!” Catherine said, handing me a shiny gift bag. Next to her, Merida attempted to stand on her head while singing “Happy Birthday”. She tumbled onto the concrete, and jumped right back up.

Ava'sBday 022Ava'sBday 023Ava'sBday 024

I giggled at Merida and joined hands with Catherine.

Ava'sBday 025

We walked up to the steps, where I sat down.

Ava'sBday 026

I plunged my hand into the gift bag and pulled out…

Ava'sBday 027Ava'sBday 028

Ava'sBday 029

A necklace! It’s golden star shone in the sunlight. “Wow.”, I breathed. I slipped it over my head.

Ava'sBday 030

I put my arm around Catherine. “Do you like it?” she asked. “It’s the best gift ever.” I assured her.

Ava'sBday 031

“Good.” She smiled.

To be continued….


20 thoughts on “Ava’s Birthday – Part 1

  1. I am so glad you like it! The breakfast was a cotton ball for gravy, a square of yellow craft foam for the cheese, and a piece of pink card stock for ham. 🙂


  2. I kind of want to move my, make it a bit more challenging. Like rename and old post “Treasure Hunt” and put the clue in that, but I think that would be too hard.

    Liked by 1 person

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