Rewigging Mary Lynn!

Hello, wonderful people! I’m finally done with ML! And as promised, I took lots of pictures:

MLwig 005 (800x600)

“My new hair!” ” I can’t wait!” “Wait.. will this hurt?”

MLwig 007 (800x600)

The lovely wig!

MLwig 010 (800x600)

That looks uncomfortable.

MLwig 012 (800x600)


MLwig 013 (800x600)


MLwig 019 (800x600)

Here I took a quick break to take some pics of ML with almost no hair! She looks like a boy!

MLwig 020 (800x600)

Yeesh! Who cut your hair, ML? Oh wait, I did…..

And now……

MLwig 021 (800x600)

BALD!!! Okay, time to very quickly put the new wig on!

MLwig 028 (800x600)

And now, introducing…….

MLwig 029 (800x600)

The new Mary Lynn!

MLwig 030 (800x600)MLwig 031 (800x600)MLwig 032 (800x600)MLwig 033 (800x600)MLwig 036 (800x600)

Isn’t she gorgeous? I think this is definitely a HUGE improvement!

“See” y’all soon!


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