Names for the Only Hearts Club girls!

Hi! I went through all of the great names that y’all sent me for the Only Hearts Club dolls.  Here are the names I chose:

OHCgirls 025 (800x600)

Doll #1: Hazel

OHCgirls 026 (800x600)

Doll #2: Mandy

OHCgirls 027 (800x600)

Doll #3: Naomi

OHCgirls 029 (800x600)

Doll #4: Lainey

OHCgirls 030 (800x600)

Doll #5: Georgia

Thanks so much to everyone who suggested names!


16 thoughts on “Names for the Only Hearts Club girls!

  1. Yea, It is! One of my followers sent your name in and I thought since you were my first follower I should name one of the dolls after you! 🙂

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  2. Aw…..that’s SO sweet! That’s really nice of you!!:D Thank you! Oh! And it’s an honor to be one of your followers!:D You actually have I think 5 more than me! I have 19! Only one more till the giveaway!:)

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  3. You’re welcome! I can’t wait until the giveaway! The way I get followers is to go to blogs that don’t follow me, follow them, and then comment on their blog asking them to follow me. That is how I got most of my followers! I hope this helps!

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