Outfit Of The Day – Party Girl Outfit

Hi! Today’s OOTD is called the “Party Girl Outfit”. Ava is my model.

OOTD6 001 (800x600)OOTD6 003 (800x600)

OOTD6 004 (800x600)OOTD6 005 (800x600)OOTD6 006 (800x600)OOTD6 007 (800x600)OOTD6 008 (800x600)OOTD6 009 (800x600)OOTD6 010 (800x600)OOTD6 012 (800x600)

Isn’t Ava pretty? I will not be doing a OOTD tomorrow, because I will be gone all day.

Also, I wanted to tell y’all something. A while ago, I was looking at Mary Lynn’s hair, thinking that her hair really needed some work. I mean, look at it!

skirt 012 (800x600)

It has already been cut, which was my attempt to manage her hair. That worked for about 2 hours. ;{ I had heard of removing an AG doll’s wig and putting on a new one, but I didn’t even know if that was possible on a doll with rooted hair, like Mary Lynn. I researched it. Sure enough, I found someone who had re-wigged 2 OG dolls successfully! I ordered a wig from http://www.rubyredgalleria.com. Now, I am patiently (NOT!) waiting for it to come. I am really hoping this works! I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated!


16 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day – Party Girl Outfit

  1. Ava’s outfit is cute and well put together. I hope Mary Lynn looks good with her new wig. I would assume you would have to just cut her old hair off, and glue to new wig on. My first 18″ doll was from Battat, and her hair got really awful, past the point of repair. I don’t have her anymore. But I hope re-wigging helps. I’m sure it will. πŸ™‚


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