Hi! Sorry it’s taking me so long for Part 2 of “The Pranksters”! I will try to have it up by Wednesday. Anyway, in other news, I will be doing a giveaway soon! I will be giving away a good bit of doll-related stuff and crafting items. I will be posting pictures of the things as I get them. I got the first things for the giveaway today! So, here are the pictures:

giveaway1 001 (800x600)

I got these 2 doll-sized accessories from the My Life line at Walmart!

I got a pair of boots and a pair of headphones.

Here is a closer look at the boots:

giveaway1 003 (800x600)

And the headphones:

giveaway1 002 (800x600)

So that’s what I got! I am not giving these away yet, but I will once I get the rest of the giveaway items!

I hope you enjoyed!


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