Our “dollhouse” tour

Hi! Today, my sister and I set up a sort of “dollhouse” which is basically all of our doll furniture set up into rooms. I though you guys might like to see it, so here is a tour:

dollhouse 002 (800x600)

Here is the whole bedroom area. All of my 18″ dolls and all of my sister’s dolls sleep here.

It has the a bunk bed with a trundle-bed under it:

dollhouse 003 (800x600)

It also has a dresser, and 2 more beds:

dollhouse 004 (800x600)dollhouse 005 (800x600)

And here is the living room area:

dollhouse 007 (800x600)

This is 2 couches and a coffee table.

And here is the kitchen:

dollhouse 009 (800x600)

This has a fridge, garbage can, and stove. There also a dog bed.

Right next to the kitchen, there is a long table where all the dolls eat:

dollhouse 011 (800x600)

Next is the bathroom, which has a toilet, sink, bathtub, and salon.

dollhouse 013 (800x600)dollhouse 012 (800x600)

The salon:

dollhouse 014 (800x600)

And finally, we have a laundry room. Here is the closet:

dollhouse 016 (800x600)

And my sister made the washer and dryer:

dollhouse 017 (800x600)

I hope you enjoyed our “dollhouse” tour!


14 thoughts on “Our “dollhouse” tour

  1. Thanks! The daybed/couch does not have a trundle, though I may add one! I am glad we inspired you! 🙂


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