Photostory Series!

Hi, everybody! I am going to be doing a photostory series! I will be called “The Pranksters” and it will star all of my dolls as themselves. I will be doing Part One today, so here goes!

“The Pranksters” Part One

It was a 4:00 PM on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Ava was looking at Pinterest on her I-Pad,

photostory1 001

Ivy was riding her scooter,

photostory1 005

Mary Lynn was reading the American Girl magazine,

photostory1 009

and the twins were, um, playing a game called “Jump On The Brand New Couch.” πŸ˜‰

photostory1 011

Ava was sitting on her bedΒ when she heard a noise. She looked down and saw Caramel!

photostory1 017Β photostory1 018

“Oh, Caramel, I forgot to feed you! Let’s go in the living room and get you some food,” she said.

photostory1 011

When she came into the living room, she saw the twins jumping on the new couch!

photostory1 020Β 

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” she yelled.

photostory1 023

She startled Emily, who fell off the couch.Β 

photostory1 025

The twins jumped up and ran away.

photostory1 026

“What am I going to do with them?”, Ava groaned.

photostory1 029

Meanwhile, Mary Lynn had finished reading her magazine. She got up and went to find Ivy.

photostory1 034

“Hi, Ivy,” said Mary Lynn. “Oh, hi!”, said Ivy. “Do you want a turn on my scooter?” “No thanks,” Mary Lynn said. “You know what? I love watching the rain fall. See? I’ts so pretty!””Wow, it sure is,” Ivy said.

photostory1 037

While they stood watching the rain fall, someone was sneaking up behind them!

photostory1 038

“BOO!!” “AAH!!!!”

photostory1 042

Ivy and Mary Lynn tumbled over in surprise!

photostory1 046

The twins giggled.

photostory1 050

The chase began! πŸ˜€

photostory1 057

A while later…. *breathing hard* “I don’t see them anywhere, Ivy!” “We can deal with them later. Come on, let’s go see what Ava’s doing.”

photostory1 056

*Quiet giggles*

photostory1 058

The girls found Ava, who was playing with Caramel. Ava said, “I’m bored. Does anybody have an idea of what we can do?”

photostory1 062

“Sorry, I don’t have any ideas,” Ivy said.

photostory1 067

“I know!”, Mary Lynn said. “Let’s watch a movie!”

photostory1 068

Ivy and Mary Lynn sat down on the couch and waited for Ava to get a movie on her I-Pad.Β 

photostory1 069

photostory1 070

But little did they know….someone was behind them!!

To be continued…………..

So! What do you guys think? This is the first time I have attempted a photostory so I am open to comments or suggestions!


34 thoughts on “Photostory Series!

  1. How did you make that couch the twins were jumping on and the one Mary Lynn was reading on? (I haven’t read the series yet I have just looked at the pictures, lol, I am so weird! I will read this a little later today)

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  2. I made the red and white couch out of jumbo sheets of craft foam and stuffing. The couch/daybed Mary Lynn was on I made out of pieces of cardboard covered in fabric. I hope this helps! πŸ˜€


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