YOU and A!

Hi, Everybody! I just wanted to share Amazingly Adollable’s fun “You and A!” This is a neat way to get to know each other better. Please check out her blog here:

amazingly adollable

Hey, girlies! Yesterday I got this idea. Instead of you guys asking me questions, I’m going to ask you questions! So, I’ll write the questions, and if you want, you can answer below. One thing I like about going on other people’s blogs is getting to know them better. And since you guys come to my blog, I’d love to get to know each of you better. 🙂 Okay, so here we go.

1. How old are you?

2. Which AG doll is your favorite?

3. Of all the AG dolls, which one looks most like you?

4. How many dolls do you have?

No higher resolution available.         ... my sister already called her though). And a few more like Elizabeth

5. My American Girl 44 or My American Girl 49? (And do you guys think they look too much alike?)

6. If you could make any combination of American Girl doll, what would she look like?

7. What is your favorite movie? Who’s you’re favorite…

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5 thoughts on “YOU and A!

  1. I’m going to answer the questions.
    1. I’m 15. I’ll be 16 in March.
    2. I like all my AG dolls, but MYAG 23 (Carli) is really pretty.
    3. Nicki. But her hair is curlier, I don’t have that many freckles, and my eyes are grayzel (gray hazel).
    4. 29.
    5. I like 44 better, but both are pretty and I’m considering getting both of them.
    6. She’d have long wav caramel hair, the blue-gray eyes of the old blonde Bitty Baby, light skin, maybe a bit of freckles, and either the classic or the Josefina face mold. This would be my lookalike.
    7. My favorite movies are the Harry Potter movies, and although I have a lot of favorite characters, my fave is probably Hermione.
    8. Lanie’s Meet Outfit.
    9. I like watching movies with my family, playing with friends, blogging, and playing the piano.
    10. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite dessert is cookies and cream milkshakes. 🙂



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